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Faculty Grant Opportunity

Visual Arts faculty member John Hirsch spent a week at Maine Media Workshops in Maine taking a multimedia master class with Bob Sacha.  The class focused on creating short multimedia documentaries using photography, video and audio to tell a compelling story … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: 1981-1982

This is the Nobles faculty in 1981. A few faculty members are still at Nobles today including Nick Nickerson, Bill Kehlenbeck, Bob Kern, Tim Carey, Steve Toubman, Tilesy and Mark Harrington and Dick Baker. Can you spot them?

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Inventory Check

Erin Conlon is managing class books for the fall and taking inventory of school supplies.

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Hello from Minnesota

English faculty member Peter Raymond is in Minnesota researching the effects of global warming on littoral globular habitats on Potato Lake.

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In with the New

College counselor Kimya Charles prepares to advise a new wave of students on the college process. Rising seniors have the opportunity to come in during the summer to receive support from the college counseling team.

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Double Rainbow

After the storm, a rainbow comes – sometimes even a double rainbow. Photo (and organic garden:) by Erika Guy.

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Faculty Finishing Strong

Faculty members found a quiet spot to look over end-of-year adviser letters. Each student’s adviser includes these remarks with final grades; they help to provide framework for the year and to set goals for next year.

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Aula Colorada

Spanish teacher Laura Yamartino stands against a colorful classroom backdrop. Nobles classrooms and hallways are filled with student work and artwork — what’s your favorite pop of color on campus?

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Sushi, Calligraphy or Tea?

Kana and Mai, students from Sapporo Intercultural and Technological (SIT) high school, spent nearly a month in the United States, hosted by Nobles families. They, along with Nobles faculty member Tomoko Graham, offered sushi, tea and calligraphy as a parting … Continue reading

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Marathon Monday

Good luck to everyone participating on the Nobles Marathon Fund Team! On Patriot’s Day, students, faculty members, graduates and parents will be running, biking and rowing in support of the Nobles Marathon Fund, which currently supports seven Nobles students annually. … Continue reading

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