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Faculty Grant Opportunity

Visual Arts faculty member John Hirsch spent a week at Maine Media Workshops in Maine taking a multimedia master class with Bob Sacha.  The class focused on creating short multimedia documentaries using photography, video and audio to tell a compelling story … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Mural

Paintings of landscape can bring a sense of tranquility. This student-created mural is located above Gleason Hall, where students like to study. Where is your peaceful place to read or study this summer?

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Darkroom Photo

Nobles Day Camp darkroom instructor Bob teaches campers how to process film. Pictured here, Bob shows a photo that’s half fixed and half unfixed.

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Flashback Friday: 1981-1982

This is the Nobles faculty in 1981. A few faculty members are still at Nobles today including Nick Nickerson, Bill Kehlenbeck, Bob Kern, Tim Carey, Steve Toubman, Tilesy and Mark Harrington and Dick Baker. Can you spot them?

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Treasure for the Garden

Nobles’ on-campus residents can compost household waste to benefit the greenhouse and the garden. Items such as coffee grounds and filters, dryer and vacuum cleaner lint, eggshells, fruits, vegetables, plants and nut shells can all be composted. Do you know … Continue reading

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Achieve Open House

Achieve students talk with a visitor at the open house. Attendees visited classes and attended a Q&A with new director Nora Dowley-Liebowitz.

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Inventory Check

Erin Conlon is managing class books for the fall and taking inventory of school supplies.

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Let there be Light

Construction continues on the basement classrooms in Shattuck.

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Cooling Off

Campers take a popsicle break after coming back from the pool. With temperatures in the high 90s today, counselors are working hard to keep the little ones cool.

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Chemistry Lab

Upward Bound students work in pairs to calculate how many moles of NaHCO3 are in an Alka-Seltzer tablet in chemistry class today.

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